Our Philosophy

We know what matters we are connected with and have an understanding of our children, families, community, environment, and each other. Combined, this creates a strong foundation and provides us with a focus for our work. We know what matters, and this makes our place unique and is unable to be replicated elsewhere. 

Our people matter – and are the cornerstone of quality. A commitment to honouring their skills, providing growth opportunities, and capitalising on their wisdom and knowledge at our place. Our collective commitment to remaining informed by existing and emerging research supports our everyday work and journeying towards transformative practices.

Learning never ends – through our ongoing commitment and growth both personally and collectively, supported by reflective thinking, a mind defined as curious and a belief that success is in part attributed to persistence when encountering an intellectual challenge.

We become who we are through others – and these relationships are defined as democratic and respectful. Out relationships weave us to aboriginal histories, the story of the land and the environments we are located on, family cultures and individual stories and journeys. In working in this way, we commit to working and walking in solidarity with each other as we journey together into the future.

We honour mother nature as a source of life – she provides us with the oxygen we need to survive, and we give back to her through how we work. This honouring is done through a commitment to nature, cultivating a nature-based pedagogy and a growing consciousness of the impact we have on this life source.

Beauty is a rightand as such our children deserve a space of beauty, spaces which induce the human spirit with wonderment, and a space which challenges and stretches our physical and intellectual capacity. Beauty is a necessary companion for a child in their early childhood experience.