Learning Environments

 “the most important foundation for children’s healthy development is play, & the benefits carry over into adult life...”

We have three reverse cycle air conditioned learning environments catering specifically for each age group with toys, equipment & activities that are age/stage appropriate.

Our BlueGums Room  for Birth -16 months years & is a cosy home like environment licensed for 6 chn with a ration of 1:4

Our Banksia Room room is designed as a transition step to the Early Learning Program & caters for a small group of children 16 months years – 3 years, this room also has nappy change & toileting facilities. Licensed for 15 chn with ratio of 1:5

Our Waratah's Room room offers a early learning environment especially designed for 3-5 years. Licensed for 20 chn with a ratio of 1:10 educators. The Pre school program offered is set up by our experienced Kindergarten Teacher's who works closely with all our seducators to offer this exciting & play based program.

Our Outdoor Environment: All 3 rooms have easy access to our natural out door environment at regular times of the day. Through out the year our educators gather & document a learning portfolio of all children which is presented to all families at the end of the year or when they leave as a treasured keepsake of each child’s learning journey with us through out the year.