Banksia - Toddlers

16 months - 3 years We use an Educator: Child ratio of 1:5

"Our focus in this room is the Care & Interactions we can provide through Play & Routines..."

We aim to foster a sense of independence & the early development of interpersonal skills, still allowing children the nurturing they need and deserve!

Some of the activities include, painting, play dough, water play, dress ups, collage, puzzles, drawing, home corner, music & lots more...

We operate this environment on a ratio of 1:5 & it is a small group environment, helping to prepare & guide these children through the development of  interpersonal & independent skills thus preparing them for their next transition to the Explorers Room.

Developing confidence in toilet training is a crucial part of toddlerhood & children will develop this skill when they are confident & developmentally ready, Our room is equipped to support these items with nappy change facilities & also our own bathroom which is easily accessed & our staff will liaise with families regarding an appropriate time to begin toilet training.