Welcome to Glen Dhu Children’s Services

At Glen Dhu Children’s Service, we are committed to providing high quality early childhood education and care that fosters a sense of belonging and wellbeing in a safe, inclusive environment that values connections between our children, families, educators and community.

We advocate for the rights of the child, as we celebrate the uniqueness of each child and acknowledge their individual interests, strengths and abilities.

We recognise families are children’s first and foremost influential teachers, with the right to make decisions about their child. We believe partnerships with our families are established on the foundations of understanding each other’s expectation and attitudes.

We establish and maintain respectful and reciprocal partnerships with families and collaborate in shared decision making to ensure learning is meaningful to each individual child.

We provide opportunities through our interactions, curriculum and environments for children to create connections, ensuring they are active global citizens with shared responsibilities to their environment and their community.

We have an active, and ongoing role in taking responsibility for our environment and our contribution to the world through a lens of sustainability.

Our educators work collaboratively with children to develop nurturing and trusting relationships, allowing children to feel safe, secure and supported, thus developing their sense of belonging to our community.

“…relationships and learning coincide within an active process of education. They come together through the expectations and skills of children, the professional competences of adults and more generally, the education process” ~ L. Malaguzzi